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Ranger creates comfortable, durable and sustainable clothing for the outdoor people.

Ranger was born when its two founders,  Bryce, a builder of 15 years & Jess, an ex surf industry employee of 13 years were drafting cattle at Jess' family farm in Bellbrae. They were discussing sustainability in clothing and how it just didn't exist in farming or workwear.

Hence, Ranger was formed, the first of its kind workwear and farmwear clothing company.

Its key values centered around comfort, durability, sustainability and affordability. Market research was all about getting their hands dirty with their target market. Jess  picked up the tools with Bryce and spent 6 months developing Ranger over smoko on the worksite with their mates.

Ranger is a brand for people who value sustainable workwear at an affordable price. It is a product for 'The Outdoor People', tradies, farmers, gardeners, horse riders, bee keepers and everyone who loves the outdoors!

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