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Kinsfolk Farm is a 1/2 acre organic market garden located in Moriac, Victoria.
Bridie and Tom, previously living in Melbourne, followed their dream of working and living a more fulfilling lifestyle on the farm. After finding a new love for permaculture from building a small veggie patch in their backyard, they packed up their life of working in design and music and took the leap of moving south.
 Tom landed himself a job working at the Brae in Birregurra in the garden kitchen where he learnt great skills in preparation and cooking of quality ingredients. Bridie taught singing and was also lucky enough to have six months experience in a local market garden. During this time of casual work, the pair spent a lot of time self educating on biointensive  garden/vegetable farming through books, apps and the world wide web. They soon realised there was a gap in the market for a local organic vegetable direct distributor in their area. In December 2016 Kinsfolk Farm was created and they used crowd funding to help begin their dream. 
 Starting part time, Bridie and Tom built their first veggie patches on a pocket of fertile soil in Moriac. They have grown to 1/2 acres of up to 40 types of vegetables, herbs and flowers. They use locally sourced compost for fertilisation along with bio intensive and bio diverse techniques to ensure quick and healthy growth. To further reduce any impact on the environment they only use hand tools in their daily labour. 
You can find Kinsfolk Farm’s fresh organic products every Saturday at the Torquay Farmers market where they have regular local customers coming to stock up on their weekly ingredients. If you have dined out anywhere between Anglesea and the Bellarine Peninsula you have most like been lucky enough to enjoy some of their products as they supply to 15 restaurants in the area. There is also veggie boxes on offer which gives you the option of using their delicious products in your own recipes.
Bridie and Tom have made their dreams reality and are proud to share their love for quality produce and cooking with you. For more information on Kinsfolk Farm you can visit them at and follow them @kinsfolk_farm
Happy cooking!

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